A love letter to our beloved city.

Dear LBC,

Our little community by the sea. A safe haven from L.A. Whatever you choose to call it, Long Beach is a city where young entrepreneurs, families, seasoned locals and transplants from all walks of life can live in harmony. A place not only for growing tall, but planting roots, and with all of these things we say: I love you Long Beach. We love the bike path taking us from Naples to downtown on a sunny day so we can actually utilize the beach; the pop up art shows our artists need to creatively survive, a diverse nightlife and a shady spot for our friend groups to thrive. Sometimes you smell like port pollution, and other times like really good Mexican food and were ok with that. A first love for many, and some their last, Linden Public hopes to join the ranks of Long Beach’s best.

Linden Public wants to provide a roof for our multicultural society with somewhere as diverse as its surroundings and with that in mind we’ve created a place to share specialty coffee, crafted libations, good food, local music, artwork and independent ideas. Taking a peek inside you’ll see custom wood paneling and light fixtures each uniquely different than the other, all designed by local artists and talented people we like to call family. We strive ourselves on being different from our competitors by offering the convenience of a NYC street style ordering window that gives you the freedom to stay with us or continue on your way, coffee in hand. Our street patio is prime for feeling the coastal breeze in the heart of downtown while weekend brunching or for a quick lunch bite. A bike delivery service unmatched in convenience, a customized loyalty program for our regulars and extensive catering options for local businesses are just some of the many amenities Linden Public has to offer. Technically we’re new to the neighborhood but we’ve been here for a while, get to know us.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Thank you for welcoming us, we’ll see you soon.